11 oz Capacity Large Butter Dish With Lid And Knife Well Sealed To Keep Butter Fresh



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 Butter Dish With Lid And Knife
  Built-in Knife
  • The built-in knife is stored inside the butter dish to keep it clean and tidy. Soft-touch handle provides comfortable grip.
Keep Your Butter Fresh
  • The sealing ring is designed to stop the air outside to get in which will keep the butter fresh for longer time and prevent absorbing the smell from refrigerator.

Easy to Scoop up

  • The curved ramps at both ends of the plastic butter holder help you easily scoop up butter.Just slide the knife up the ramps.

Easy to Scrape

  • Use the top of the ramp as a scraper to remove the the remaining butter and clean your knife.

Measurement Marks

  • The scale lines on the tray can help you control the calorie intake and measure the butter dish you need.

Easy to Take

Compact for Easy Storage

Dishwasher Safe

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