Universal Knife Block knife holder With Scissors Slot Knife Storage With Clear Barrel



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Suitable for all kinds of knives,patented double-deck system&parallel slots,detachable design&transparent barrel,compact & light weight,90-DAY GUARANTEE.
Suitable for All Kinds of Knives
  • You may feel frustrated with too many different knives that cannot fit into the traditional knife block. And it’s not safe to store the knives in the drawer, not to mention that the edge will get broken easily
  • Our universal knife block can store any knife up to 8.9 inch(blade) with any blade shape safely.

Blade Thickness≤ 2.5mm

  • This universal knife holder is not suitable for knives that is thicker than 2.5mm, like Chinese cleaver.

Double-Deck System

  • Our patented double-deck system will hold your knives securely to avoid the knives collision.

Patented Paralled Slot Avoid Scratching

  • Our patented Parallel slots separate the knife edges so that the knives won't touch each other. In the meantime, the knife edge won't touch the block as traditional blocks or wavy knife holder or PP rods Holder did. No potential risk of damaging the knife edges in the block.
  • Also it's much easier to insert the knives.

Light Weight but Stable

  • It's light weight so that you can move it easily. But with add-weight Stainless Steel plate inside the bottom, it’s quite stable.
  • The hole in the middle will drain the water out to keep the knives dry.


  • It's always not easy to get the right knives at one shot with traditional blocks. With this transparent barrel, never worried about getting the wrong knives.
  • The transparent barrel will never get rust or sticky.
  • A good reminder for you to know whether you need to clean it or not.

Compact but Large Volume

  • This compact block can hold 8 to 12 knives (Depends on the size of the knives).

Detachable for Easy Cleaning

  • I used to have a universal block with PP rods. It did solve the problem of storing knives, but too difficult to wash although you can take it out. It became smelly at the end. The wavy knife holder did solve this problem. But cannot avoid accidental chopping to the top insert.
  • Our simply detachable top insert and bottom make it quite easy to clean.

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