Premium Multi-purpose Kitchen Scissors With Magnetic Sheath


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5cr15 stainless steel,smooth taking apart,multi-function design,fish scale remover,chicken cutter,nut cracker,etc,ultra sharp & micro serrated blade,90-DAY GUARANTEE.

  • Adapt to a large number of kitchen work, Fish Scale Remover,Chicken Cutter, Nut Cracker, Bottle Opener, Kitchen Shears, Peeler Jar Opener and Screwdriver.
  • KITCHENDAO offers you the multipurpose cutting tool to make your cooking life so much easier!

Advanced CNC Technology

  • Made of 5Cr15 Stainless steel, this kitchen shears is super sharp and strong.
  • To make a smooth cutting for you, this axle nail is manufactured with Advanced CNC technology which lowers the dimensions tolerance to 0.01mm

Magnetic Protective Sheath

  • Our magnetic sheath provides safe storage by avoiding accidental cutting, and helps store your shears easily

Detachable for Easy Cleaning

  • This seafood scissors could be detached quickly for easy cleaning

Ultra Sharp & Micro Serrated Blade

  • KITCHENDAO Heavy Duty Shears are made of Premium 5Cr15 Stainless Steel which is ultra sharp and resistant to rusting and corrosion.
  • The Micro Serrated Snips are perfect for detailed cutting and avoid slip

Soft-touch Handle

  • The ergonomical handles of the cooking scissors will offer you a secure soft grip while you use the multi-function cutting tools


Fish Scale Remover

Chicken Cutter

Kitchen Shears


Nut Cracker

Bottle Opener

Pop Bottle Opener



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