Premium Egg Cooker Cups Egg Cracker Egg Poachers 4/8 Pack With 1 Brush



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Compact for easy storage,rotary arms for easy transfer,detachable for easy cleaning ,noodle spaghetti dryer stand for up to 6 lbs of homemade noodles,90-DAY GUARANTEE. 
320 Days, Over 600pcs Eggs for Testing
After testing it with over 600pcs eggs in the past 320 days, we finally find the easy pop-out solution.

Enjoy your boiled eggs NOW!

Perfect gift for Christmas!

Easy to Pop Out

  • Easy to pop out the egg when press the bottom gently ( after chilling )
  • Brush the oil into the cup evenly with extra silicone brush

All Sorts of Tastes

  • Easy to make soft/ medium/ hard-boiled egg
  • You could also cook the healthy egg creations with vegetables, fruits, cheese or sausage

Anti-Flip Design

  • Egg poacher keeps its balance with the anti-flip system.

Integrated Visible Time Instruction

  • Make soft/ medium/ hard eggs easily via time instruction
  • Time instruction works until the water boil

Easy to Clean

  • Detach for easy cleaning
  • Hand wash the Poachers or put them in the dishwasher

Food Safety

  • The silicone egg cooker is made of food-grade silicone
  • BPA free, perfectly healthy and safe.



  • Fill the water in the pot till to cover a half of egg cooker
  • Time instruction works on the condition of boiling water
  • Please note when handling as contents will be very hot
  • Do not use the egg poacher in the microwave

  • Open the cap and brush the oil into the cup evenly

  • Crack the egg by Egg Cracker

  • Pour the egg into the cup ( You can also add vegetable, fruit or sausage)


  • Screw the poacher and put it in boiling water


  • The depth of the water to the half cup is enough

  • Make Soft/Med/Hard eggs as illustrated

  • Chill by placing it in cool water (you can transfer by forking the hole of cap)


  • Pinch the bottom and pop out the boiled egg


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