2 high-end beer openers for gifting are here

2 high-end beer openers for gifting are here


KITCHENDAO is dedicated to providing innovative and functional kitchen products that make everyday cooking easier.

We produce a wide variety of product types, including knife holders, knife sharpeners, salt boxes, herb cutters and so on.

In 2021, we have noticed that there are many kitchen utensils gifts on the market. They are generally of low price and average quality, which cannot meet the standards of people giving gifts.

So, we started to develop some products suitable for gift giving.
Happy to share with you two new beer openers that are perfect for gifting.

Luxury Automatic Beer Bottle Opener

For the first one, we use the high-quality material of Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy. This bottle opener is beautiful in appearance and durable.

3 In 1 Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

The second model, which also looks very high-end in appearance, has 3 different functions and is very practical. Thanks to magnets, it can also be attached to the refrigerator for easy storage and retrieval.

Hurry up!  Click the link and order one for your family and friends!





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